Daily Tendrel Nyesel and other practices

Practices for averting negativity and creating favourable circumstances (including those related to ill health).

Dedications are made each day at Lerab Ling during the practices of Tendrel Nyesel, Vajrakilaya and other sadhanas. The terma of Tendrel Nyesel was revealed by Tertön Sogyal, Lerab Lingpa (1856-1926), Sogyal Rinpoche’s predecessor, and is the core practice of the Rigpa community.

It is a special practice for eliminating inauspiciousness by invoking Guru Rinpoche, together with the buddhas and bodhisattvas, and the mandalas of the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities, Tsokchen Düpa, Lama Gongdü and Kagyé.