Freeing Lives (Tsetar)

Freeing lives (Tsetar)

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the practice of freeing animals otherwise destined for slaughter is considered to be a particularly powerful way to accumulate merit and extend one’s lifespan. Several masters have advised us to sponsor this practice for Sogyal Rinpoche, particularly over the next seven years.

The practice is especially effective when conducted by a great master and accompanied by the appropriate prayers, meditation and rituals. It is also important that the animals are freed into an environment that is genuinely conducive to them, thereby extending their natural life span for as long as possible.

Rigpa sponsors the practice of freeing lives as conducted by such eminent Lamas as Chatral Rinpoche, Pewar Rinpoche and Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche.

In the words of Chatral Rinpoche: ‘Ransoming the lives of animals dispels all external and internal adversity and obstacles, effortlessly and spontaneously. It brings favourable conditions, and, when inspired by the noble mind of bodhichitta, and completed with dedication and pure aspiration prayers, it will lead one to complete enlightenment and the accomplishment of one’s own and others’ welfare. Of this you need have no doubts at all!’