Training Instructors & Practitioners

Our current, most urgent priority is to secure the future of Sogyal Rinpoche's work by ensuring that more students are thoroughly trained and accomplished in the study and practice of the Dharma.

It is Sogyal Rinpoche’s vision, and hope, that such a body of students will then help guide and support the Rigpa Sangha in our centres and groups around the world. This will help ensure the integrity of our traditions of teaching, practice and study, and will offer students much-needed spiritual care and support, as they follow the path.

Students who have the appropriate qualities, capacity and dedication, will train and specialize in specific practices, or study to become translators, instructors and student-teachers. The monastic community will expand, as will the number of lay-spiritual practitioners, in order to hold the daily practice and prayer sessions at our main retreat centres—Lerab Ling and Dzogchen Beara—and city centres worldwide.