Practices for Sogyal Rinpoche’s long life

To create the most favourable circumstances for Sogyal Rinpoche’s health, long life, vision and work, Rigpa sponsors an annual programme of major practice intensives (drupchen) and prayer gatherings (mönlam) at monasteries in India, Nepal and Tibet, as well as at Lerab Ling. These practices, a unique feature of the Buddhist tradition of Tibet, are considered to be especially powerful for bringing peace in the world, harmony to the environment, and benefit to all living beings.

You can make a meaningful connection to these practices by making an offering. Since the drupchens are dedicated to the long life and good health of Sogyal Rinpoche and all the great masters, as well as for the success of Rigpa’s work and the well being of the Rigpa community, this is especially significant and a source of great merit.